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Auxiliary Phoenix (James Strain) is an experimental hip hop & jazz producer, multi-instrumentalist & DJ based out of Carlow, Ireland.

'Power Cosmic' is the follow up to the 2017 EP 'Camelopardalis'. While 'Camelopardalis' leaned towards organic, live and jazzy sounds, this new release takes root in a more electronic space. It draws influence from future beats, experimental hip hop, trap, indian classical, and jazz fusion to create a darker atmosphere than explored previously, with heavy beats and off-kilter sounds and rhythms.
Guests on the EP include Vast Aire of iconic underground hip hop group Cannibal Ox (Night Light), whose album 'The Cold Vein' has been described as one of the best rap albums of the 2000s. D-Sisive, an acclaimed Canadian underground hip hop emcee, provides vocals for A Splash of Paint. Knowah, an Irish singer and musician, contributes harmony vocals to Signal Boost, and frequent collaborators Gentle Jones (of High Elders) and Illab return for Night Life and its remix version.
Auxiliary Phoenix performs live with the Auxiliary Phoenix Trio, which includes James McDermott on keyboards & Jake Quinn on drums, with Auxiliary Phoenix on bass. The Trio perform extended and alternative versions of Auxiliary Phoenix productions, along with original jazz music informed by hip hop, neo-soul, future beats & progressive rock. Heavy on grooves, synths, rhodes, bass & beats, the songs range from laid back lounge vibes to hectic syncopated rhythms. The Trio have performed sets at Body & Soul Festival, The Sugar Club (ChoiceCuts FutureJazzSeries), The Workman's Club & Whelan's amongst others.


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